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Name:Drabbles/Drawbles Featuring Harry Potter
Website:Harry100 @ IJ
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:Drabbles and Drawbles Featuring Harry Potter
Welcome to Harry100!
A community for drabbles and drawbles featuring the character, Harry Potter.
This is a mirror for the original community on InsaneJournal. We are not affiliated with the LJ community of the same name.

Membership: Anyone with a journal is welcome to join! There may be works posted of an adult nature here, and the authors and artists are not responsible for any underage viewing. Please mind the ratings and warnings when browsing.

Posting: Any and all drabbles and drawbles featuring the character of Harry Potter are welcome here. For the purposes of this community, drabbles are defined as exactly 100 words. Interconnected drabbles (a piece that is written in several blocks of 100 words, i.e. 100x3, 100x5, etc.) are also welcome. All ratings, genres, and pairings are welcome as long as Harry is featured in the piece. Please do not post anything here where Harry is only a minor character. If you have questions about whether or not your piece is appropriate, please email Shelly at shellydkitty [at] gmail [dot] com.

Please mark your pieces clearly with the appropriate rating and warning. If your piece is rated R or above, please use an lj-cut. Linking to your personal or fandom journal is fine.

Any piece longer than 100 words and all art should be under a cut as well. If you do not know how to code a cut, please see this FAQ.

All Posts must be on-topic, which means no advertising of any kind without mod-approval.

Challenges: Every other Monday a prompt will be posted as a challenge to all members of the community. All challenges are open indefinitely so even if it's week 54, you can still post a response to week one's prompt. There are no deadlines, nor are members required to take part in any challenges. These are just for fun!

If you have prompt suggestions for future challenges, please post a comment here.

The Big Rule: The most important rule of this community is there will be no flaming/bashing/wanking(the bad kind) tolerated. If you do not like a pairing or genre in a piece, please skip it. Any member caught flaming will be given a warning and then banned after their next offense.

Posting Format: Please put the title, character(s) and/or pairing, and rating in the subject line of your post. Use the following template when posting your fic and/or art.

Please tag your entries with the challenge prompt (if appropriate), pairing or 'gen', and your screen name. A tag will be created for your screen name after your first post, and if you need a pairing tag created, let me know and we'll add that as well.

Special thanks to [personal profile] torino10154 for helping with tagging and other modly things!


If you have any suggestions for [community profile] harry100 or would like to affiliate, feel free to comment on this post or email Shelly at sdk.shelly [at] yahoo [dot] com. If you have suggestions for future prompts, please comment here.

Thanks and have fun!

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